Our brand new weekly webinar series has now being launched to offer some help to people especially beginners to learn the rudiments of forex CFDs trading. This webinar series is designed by professionals with the aim to help you in discovering those strategies that could help you trade forex CFDs and also to expose you to the benefits of trading CFDs online.

Why Should I attend the Webinars for Beginners?

If you are a beginner in forex CFDs trading, the following is why you should attend our forex CFDs webinar

  • You will learn how to trade forex CFDs from scratch
  • You will learn the rudiments of price action analysis
  • Our Webinars expose you to new ways to bolster your trading strategies
  • You will learn about methods that help you reduce risk exposure during trading
  • All your questions regarding forex CFDs trading in general will be answered here.

CTTIF webinars is committed to ensuring that adequate education is provided to people who are just starting out in CFDs trading. Our representatives will be on ground to directly answer any question you may have during our powerful interactive session our forex CFDs webinars offers. CTTIF webinars is scheduled to hold live sessions every Wednesday. However, you also have the option of downloading a recording of the session if for any reason you can’t attend our webinars.

How Do I Attend a Webinar?

To access the list of webinars at CTTIF, just click on the link. Go through them and choose the one you will like to attend by clicking on “Join” to register. You will be required to have a MyCTTIF account but if you do not have it yet, then you will be asked to register. Note that registering will guarantee your participation in CTTIF live webinar for free. In addition to live participation of our webinars, you will also have access to previously recorded ones.

Trading Webinar Schedule

See CTTIF webinars schedule below. All our sessions are recorded and are always available on demand. Therefore, if for any reason you can’t make it to any of CTTIF webinars after booking a seat, you can always watch the recorded ones at your convenience later on.

  • How to use innovative platform MT5 with CTTIF?
  • discussion about trading tools and how to use them
  • basic rules of fundamental analysis
  • using of macroeconomic events straight from the chart
  • how to trade fast and protect your transactions
  • trailing stop with VPS technology 

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Dear Client,

You are welcome to CTTIF and it is our pleasure to offer you our services and facilitate your online trading experience.
Tomorrow is defined by our imagination
CTTIF is designed with a goal of offering clients a user friendly experience in such a way that they understand the details of forex CFD trading market through our enormous knowledge and expertise. This is why CTTIF was developed in the first place and that is to be the region’s most trusted financial source of information and analysis.

Our Vision

Our vision at CTTIF provid a combination of the best trading conditions, best products and other functions which help to facilitate forex trading for our clients. This is done in a transparent and regulated environment. As part of our vision, we are also committed to ensure that our clients get the best education that they need to understand the online forex CFDs world. We will continue to ensure that we keep exploring all avenues to create and implement solutions in this ever changing world of online trading as well as wide range of tools that accommodate all kinds of traders.

Our Mission

Our core mission is to meet the needs of our clients as we continue to work towards our goal of being the leader in the industry. Our clients can be rest assured of our unalloyed support to them at all times.

There is a great understanding at CTTIF that success is very important to our clients. Because of that, we are committed to do everything possible to ensure professionalism and commitment to our employees who are always available to provide assistance to our clients when needed.

Our philosophy ensures that we focus our devotion towards clients and relationship building. Fortunately, it is paying off as we have earned the support from client sand partners from over 90 countries. We will continue to do what we do best and that is building on that trust, delivering transparency, integrity, competency and innovation as we have offered the latest and most advanced technology of MT5.

The coming years remain even brighter as we have some good number of exciting development and offerings. The reality is that CTTIF is about to get to the next level.


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Maximum value and Reliability

You can always improve your trading potential with the reliable pricing, transparency as well as superior trade executions. Fortunately for our clients, our Execution Scorecard provides all these.

Strength You can Depend On

CTTIF has been proven to have the financial strength and reliability to offer clients a better protection.

World Class Trading Platform

Trade on the sophisticated MT5 platform and CTTIF mobile apps

Professional Guidance and Support

Stay informed with exclusive access market insight and actionable trade ideas from our research team delivered to you on daily basis.

Tailored Education and Training

We have all it takes to help your build your confidence and expertise. We have video tutorials, online trading courses and online guidelines to help you understand different trading strategies

Dedicated Customer Support

Our customer support is world class and very experienced. Always on ground to answer your questions, resolve your issues and ensure you get the best out of your account.

Live Trading Session

You have the opportunity to attend a 30 minute live webinar. Here, you get to understand what is driving the market and where the focus will be. You can also get your questions answered by our representatives during our Q&A session.



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