MetaTrader5 is one of the best platforms for forex CFD trading. It acts as an interface for your broker where your orders are taken. The beauty of the MT5 Platform is that you have the capacity to analyze the market, carry out continuous check on your trading account and serves as a  platform where you can issue your orders. The advantage of the MT 5 platform covers all areas of functionality, usability, range of application because it can be used by both advanced traders and novices since it can be expanded to include other additional programs and instruments. In fact, the software by design already contains a program editor where additional programs and instruments can be created.

Other Useful functions of the MT5
• Chart analysis with a large selection of indicators
• Automatic creation of account reports and account statements
• Fully automatic analysis of variables of your Expert Advisor for optimization purposes for the most successful automatic trading strategy
• Any type of adjustment of indicators through changes in indicator variables
• Import and export of price data
• Numerous possibilities to personalize your platform
• Testing of automatic trading strategies of your Expert Advisor in back tests








  •  User-friendly interface
  •  Multilingual support - 32 languages
  •  Real-time market requests
  •  Trailing Stops
  •  Pending Requests - including Buy Stop
  •  Expert Advisors (EAs)

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* Dealing in Derivative Contracts is risky.
You can lose more than you invested.

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